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About Virginia Forest Products Association
The Virginia Forest Products Association is a non-profit, non-governmental, privately supported association of individuals, firms, and corporations having an interest in the Commonwealth's lumber and wood products industry.

  • Create a better understanding of the importance of the lumber and wood products industry to the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Encourage and promote all phases of securing and maintaining our timber and log supply.
  • Encourage and promote more profitable production and distribution of our native lumber and wood products.
  • Provide a collective voice regarding governmental programs and legislation that affects the lumber and wood products industry.

  • Disseminate information about new and latest markets for lumber and wood products.
  • Disseminate information about machinery, methods, laws etc. that affect or apply to the lumber and wood products industry.
  • Conduct educational programs to help all persons engaged in or associated with the lumber and wood products industry to be more efficient and effective.
The Virginia Forest Products Association provides its members with numerous services to help accomplish its objectives. The major ones are described below.
Legislative and Governmental Programs
The Association provides input concerning legislation affecting our industry to both the state General Assembly and our Federal legislators in Washington, DC. VFPA also furnishes information to various state and federal regulatory agencies to help them better understand the problems and characteristics of our industry. The Association serves on various governmental advisory boards to enable the wood products industry's "voice" to be heard.

Major Meetings
Annual Convention
The Annual Convention includes the yearly "business meeting" of the Association, and an opportunity for fellowship and a personal exchange of ideas between members. The meeting also presents an educational program with subjects of specific interest to industry personnel.

Technology Conference
These special conferences are held when specific and unique subjects are identified that would warrant a special meeting such as this to help better prepare our members for the future while reducing time away from their businesses.

East Coast Sawmill and Logging Equipment Exposition
Held biennially in May on even-numbered years, the Exposition is co-sponsored by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Extension Division. The purpose of the show is to introduce wood industry personnel to the latest developments in harvesting and manufacturing equipment, supplies, and services. Specifically, it provides an opportunity for operators to:
  • See new equipment exhibited and operated
  • Talk with manufacturers' representatives about equipment, service, and needs.
  • Make comparisons between their equipment and new equipment being offered in order to increase the efficiency of their operations and improve product quality.                                                                                     
EXPO Richmond is one of the largest shows of its type in the country, and in 2012 attracted more than 250 exhibiting companies and over 15,000 visitors from 38 states in the U.S. and several foreign countries.  (continued on page 2)

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